Oculus Quest 2 Pro Talk ZuckerbergSource: Facebook / Android Central

The Oculus Quest 2 may have debuted only 6 months ago, but Facebook is already thinking ahead to what the future of VR can look like for a broader Oculus Quest ecosystem. In an interview with CNET, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about several topics related to VR, including upcoming Oculus Quest Pro hardware, the possibility of kids Facebook accounts and accompanying hardware, as well as how he views Facebook Horizon’s role in remote work and after-hours playtime.

Less than a month ago, two Facebook executives had a chat about future Quest headsets and what they want to see from the Quest line of products. Mark Zuckerberg’s statements in this CNET interview echoed much of what CTO John Carmack had to say, including the existence of a Quest Pro model. Zuckerberg said that the Quest 2 was specifically designed around affordability, helping to…

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