Source: ZTE

What you need to know

  • ZTE showed off an improved, second-generation in-display camera that’s likely to be used on its next flagship.
  • The pixel density over the camera has doubled from 200ppi to 400ppi, which should make the display more consistent.
  • The company also showed off in-display 3D Face Unlock technology to be used in various applications.

ZTE surprised everyone when it became the first smartphone OEM to make in-display camera tech commercially available on a smartphone. Several OEMs have been working on this tech, but ZTE felt confident enough to release it to the masses so it must be good right? Unfortunately, ZTE’s implementation left a lot to be desired both in its presentation and picture quality. As it turns out, the second-gen tech is on its way and promises some improvements.

ZTE Second Gen Under Display Selfie Camera

Source: ZTE

In a post on Weibo (via Android Authority), ZTE has unveiled some…

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