5G conspiracy theories have been popular even before the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic but they’ve taken a new life since then. Conspiracy theories spuriously linking the two have grown in popularity on YouTube and other platforms, even resulting in threats and assaults aimed at mobile engineers in the UK. Arson attacks have been carried out targeting 5G masts in an attempt to stop the perceived threat.

There’s just one problem. There’s no link between 5G and coronavirus. In the words of the UK’s Minister of the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove, it’s “just nonsense, dangerous nonsense as well.”

YouTube is now taking a stand against these videos. The video-sharing service will no longer permit videos that link coronavirus and 5G together, opting to now remove them instead of its previous laissez-faire stance. It’ll still allow 5G conspiracy theories, but just not those that link it to…

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