Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Google was spotted testing out a Spotify-like Daily Mix feature for YouTube Music a couple of weeks ago. Well, now it’s rolling out to general users and should hit all devices pretty soon.

If you’ve used Spotify’s Daily Mix, you should be familiar with the concept. Essentially the app will suggest up to 7 mixes based on your personal tastes. Each one will be distinct from the other, so you may have a K-Pop focused mix, a dance mix, an electronic mix, and so on. There’s also a Supermix that blends all these different genres into one long playlist, a Discover Mix, and a New Release Mix.

Google also announced new mixes based around activities. The company has four activities including;wWorkout, focus, relax, and commute. You’ll be able to see these four activities as tabs on YouTube Music’s home page. Selecting one of these four tabs will show you up…

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