We published our OnePlus 8 Pro review well over a month ago, on April 29. And since then, it’s been incredibly hard to buy one. The OnePlus 8 Pro has been out of stock on its own website for weeks, and the Amazon listing has fluctuated between coming soon, vague ship dates, and now no availability at all. And this lack of consistent availability makes it really hard to recommend the OnePlus 8 Pro — sure, it’s a great phone, but how great is it if you can’t actually buy one when you want (or need) a new phone?

Where to buy the OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro: Best Deals and Discounts in 2020

OnePlus has always had a hit-or-miss record with keeping phones in stock, reaching back to its early days of flash sales and invite codes. But even now, as the company has clearly grown up in so many ways, it’s still far less than a guarantee that you can go to the OnePlus website on any given day and buy…

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