Xiaomi’s rise in India came on the back of its handset business. The Chinese manufacturer overtook Samsung to become India’s largest phone brand in January 2018, and it has carved out a healthy lead over the last two years.

But Xiaomi is much more than a phone manufacturer. It sells over 1,000 products across several dozen categories in China — including rice cookers, walkie talkies, screwdrivers, scooters, keyboards and mice, smart lighting, and so much more. The last time I visited a Mi Home store in Beijing, I ended up buying an instant translator, a powered screwdriver set, a flashlight, garbage liners, and a suitcase to store them all. Xiaomi is the IKEA of the East, and it is now looking to bring its ecosystem products to India.

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Xiaomi is increasingly focusing on the ecosystem to differentiate itself from other…

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