Xiaomi has introduced its Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India. The vacuum is available at an introductory price of ₹17,999 ($235), (down from ₹29,999 ($385)), and while that’s exciting, there is a caveat: the product is being sold via Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform.

Here’s how that works: if 10,000 people purchase the vacuum, it will meet its goal and Xiaomi will bring the product to India. Robot vacuums are an untested market in India, and Xiaomi is decidedly playing it safe here. So for now, if you’re interested in the vacuum, you will have to pledge ₹17,999 and hope that enough people do the same. As of this writing, the vacuum has 43 backers.

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As for the vacuum itself, there’s plenty to like. I have both the first-gen variant and this model, and use it a few times a week in my house. The highlight with the option that’s being…

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