Xiaomi is set to launch the Xiaomi 12S series soon, including the 12S Ultra which will feature one of the largest camera sensors out there right now.

  • Xiaomi recently revealed the presence of a new camera sensor on the 12S Ultra that it co-developed with Sony which is one-inch in size.
  • The 12S Ultra will be the first phone in most markets like India to implement and use such a sensor.
  • A larger sensor typically means better camera performance, given it can take in more light.
  • The new sensor called the Sony IMX989 is theoretically capable of much better smartphone photography, perhaps comparable to the league of cameras like the Sony Cyber-shot series.
  • The bigger sensor, clubbed with larger pixels could mean more light in photos, making night-time shots much more well-lit.
  • Xiaomi is also partnering with German camera-maker Leica for the new cameras across the 12S series, also including the IMX989-powered 12S Ultra.

We should find out more about this and the capabilities of the new Sony IMX989 during the launch of the Xiaomi 12S series, which is set to kick off on July 4 in China. International availability of the series is still a mystery, but the 12S series is likely to come to India months later, perhaps with a new name.


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