Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

When it was announced, I was really looking forward to working on a Wyze Bulb Color review because finding an LED bulb that offers both colors and tunable whites isn’t necessarily difficult, but generally, if you want those colors to be vibrant across the board — it is expensive. Some of the best smart light bulbs cost as much as $50 for a single bulb. This is why checking out what Wyze had to offer in the smart light space, specifically colored bulbs was so enticing.

Wyze is known for making a variety of smart home gadgets for very accessible prices. It makes some of the best security cameras at fractions of the cost for most other brands, especially when considering the Wyze Cam Outdoor. I have been using Wyze’s tunable white LED smart bulbs for over a year now, and if Wyze can bring the same low-cost and high-quality to a color smart bulb…

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