After several delays and a few fights in Florida, the UFC is returning to Las Vegas! The next UFC Fight Night will go live on May 30 with a headliner featuring former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and the #6 ranked welterweight Gilbert Burns. The fight will take place at UFC Apex, a brand-new production facility dedicated to all things UFC. Not only is this notable for being the first fight to take place at Apex, it’s also important because the fight will feature a smaller 25-foot Octagon instead of the regular 30-foot space for fighters. The idea here is to have more fights that end in finishes instead of decisions. It will definitely keep the fighters closer together, and hopefully that means more action.

Woodley vs. Burns is an interesting matchup. Both fighters have similar records at 19-4-1 and 18-3 respectively. Woodley weighs about 15 pounds more and has a longer…

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