It’s time to talk about software updates again. Specifically, just how bad Android phone makers are doing compared to Apple’s iPhone. And they are doing really bad in comparison.

Apple’s iOS 14 will be available for a bunch of phones, but what’s important is that phones from 2015 like the iPhone 6S and even the original “budget” iPhone SE from 2016 will be getting the update the same day that the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro gets it. That is awesome for anyone who uses those phones.

Even Google won’t update an Android phone from 2015 and it owns the platform.

Meanwhile, there are just a handful of phones guaranteed to get Android 11 and there is a very good chance that you will have to wait at least six months after it is released before it comes to most of them. There are no phones from companies like Samsung (which drives the Android ecosystem almost single-handedly) built in 2015 or…

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