Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

I’ve worked full-time on a Chromebook for years now, and while I’ve been asked recommendations on which Chromebook to buy for a work computer — ASUS C434 if you want a flashier 2-in-1, Acer 715 if you want something big, reliable, and affordable — the interest they’ve gotten over the last two months as everyone scrambled for work from home computers has been impressive. I now price-check our Best Chromebooks guide the way most check the weather: early and often because things are constantly changing.

The Chromebook I’ve worked on daily for the last six months, the Lenovo C340-11, has been a hotter ticket than Hamilton, selling out constantly at Amazon, Lenovo, Best Buy, and even Walmart (and the ASUS C214 is an even hotter ticket because that’s a rugged education model). Price gouging has gotten patently insane, with the Lenovo C330 going…

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