When we lookout for monthly prepaid plans, we often see plans with a validity set for 28 days. But have you wondered why? Based on some simple math, consumers who sign up for 28-day monthly validity plans must recharge 13 times per year.

Basic Calculation

  • The validity period for prepaid plans with a 28-day monthly plan for 12 months is 336 days. which equates to 29 fewer days in a 365-day year.
  • Users often recharge for one additional pack to finish the cycle. The telcos make more money with this arrangement.
  • In July 2022, Airtel has 35.48 billion subscribers. The business will make almost Rs 6,350 crore if these subscribers reload for the Airtel Rs 179 plan with 28 days of validity.
  • Similar to this, Jio would make over Rs 8,527 crore in 28 days thanks to its estimated 40.8 lakh users.
  • The 84-day quarterly plans function similarly because subscribers only receive 336 days of service after the fourth recharge.

Also different operators have kept the 28 days validity plan at different price ranges too.

  • Jio offers several prepaid plans with 28-day expiration dates, including Rs 209, Rs 239, Rs 299, and Rs 419.
  • The 28-day Airtel prepaid plans cost Rs. 179, Rs. 265, Rs. 299, Rs. 359, Rs. 399, Rs. 449, and more.
  • Prepaid plans with 28-day validity span Rs 299 to Rs 601 and more.

Telecom companies are required to provide a plan with a monthly validity, regardless of whether the month has 30 or 31 days. After receiving the directive, Jio unveiled its Rs. 259 monthly validity prepaid package. Also offering monthly validity recharge deals are Airtel and Vi.

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