Signing up for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon service is making a commitment to a network. MVNOs just sell access to one of the major networks with different services and plans that might work better for some people. Most of them ditch any sort of contract as well. Unless an MVNO is partially owned or operated by a specific carrier, it will have no specific commitment to any network.

With an MVNO, it can be possible to choose which network works best for you or use one that’s compatible with the phone you already have. Keep in mind that if you roam a lot or see extended LTE popping up on your phone, you’re using another carrier’s network and you may lose service in these areas on an MVNO.

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Just be sure to check the coverage map for each carrier before signing up.

Sprint and T-Mobile

In April 2020, T-Mobile completed its purchase of Sprint…

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