Arguably one of the best Nintendo DS games of all time, The World Ends With You was lauded upon release not simply due to its unique gameplay but also for its sprawling story, engaging soundtrack, and its colorful representation of Japan’s Shibuya shopping district and surrounding areas. For nearly 15 years, fans have eagerly awaited a continuation to the story that many thought may never come to fruition — until the announcement of The World Ends With You: The Animation.

Set across an undisclosed number of episodes, The World Ends With You: The Animation adapts the original game and brings Neku’s story to the screen as an anime for the very first time. Fans have even more to look forward to as the series draws to a close later this summer, as the video game sequel Neo: The World Ends With You is set for release on July 27, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Even…

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