A popular web infrastructure company has announced the launch of new technology that it wants to use to replace bothersome CAPTCHA challenges while browsing the internet.

Quickly remove anti-vaccine frameworks

While privacy has been an area where Facebook has had a very uneven past, it handles the disinformation and fake news that the company has received a lot of criticism this year. With the advent of coronavirus vaccines, many users have taken to the platform to make vaccine claims using profile picture frames. The company is now rushing to quickly remove these anti-vaccine frameworks because they violate the company’s policies on disinformation.

Turn on missing messages by default for every new conversation

The Facebook-owned encrypted messaging app hasn’t had the best reputation for privacy, especially since it just revised its privacy policy to start sharing data about your interactions with businesses on the web. platform – with the parent company Facebook. However, the app is reportedly working on one of its infrequent additions to its privacy settings – the ability to turn on missing messages by default for every new conversation, controlled by a toggle.

Twitter is willing to call this paid subscription “Twitter Blue.”

The next feature Cancel sending Twitter for tweets, as well as bookmark collections. These features are rumored to be part of the company’s paid subscription, and a new leak from researcher Jane Manchun Wong suggests that Twitter is willing to call this paid subscription “Twitter Blue.”

Get Rid of CAPTCHAs

If finding fire hydrants, crosswalks, boats, and cars in a set of nine images on the web makes you impatient like us, internet infrastructure provider Cloudflare has a solution. By using reliable USB sticks, the company wants to get rid of CAPTCHAs altogether, so that you will never be bothered by another “challenge” again.

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