The new development appears to be an extension of the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one platform to another – from Android to iOS and vice versa – via a chat history migration tool, which is currently in the testing phase. The conversation history migration tool could allow users to transfer media from one platform to another. This will help users who are looking to switch their WhatsApp accounts between Android phones and iPhones.

The ability to transfer your chats from one number to another will only be available when the user links a new number to their WhatsApp account. The process will completely transfer chats between numbers, including the media.

These new changes will benefit users who not only switch smartphones between the iOS and Android ecosystems, but also those who change their numbers with it. It is important to clarify that users will only have the option to migrate their chat when they log into their WhatsApp account on the new phone for the first time and not later in chats.

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