This might be April Fool’s Day, but this new Ring product leak doesn’t look like a hoax at all. Ring Doorbox, as it’s called, appears to be some sort of lock box that can be placed near your front door, but not much info comes along with the picture. Zatz Not Funny! came across the info but has only been able to provide a name and a picture for this particular leak. While we don’t know much about the product just yet, we can surmise a few things from the info provided.

First off, there are plenty of reasons to have something called a Doorbox on the front of your home. If this is, indeed, a lockbox, it could easily be used to house a spare set of keys or other important belongings for emergency needs. More than likely, though, it’s probably a way to keep your deliveries and packages safe while you’re away from home, as doorbell cameras have been shown to be less effective than many…

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