Best answer: Your PlayStation 4 Pro may get loud due to the fans needing to work harder to dissipate heat. Repositioning and cleaning your PS4 Pro with a can of compressed air is the first thing you should do when you notice it happening.

Keep your PS4 Pro clean and comfortable

The most common cause of noise in many consumer electronics is due to a spinning fan, and that’s no less true when talking about the PS4 Pro. Fans work to help move heat away from the PS4 Pro’s internal components, as overheating could lead to hardware failures.

As such, it’s important to keep your PS4 Pro as clean as you can. Be sure to give its external a good wipe down at regular intervals, and for the hard-to-reach areas — such as the cooling vents and inside the disc tray — you can use compressed air to ensure all its airways are unblocked.

Another measure you can take is to ensure your PS4 Pro has as…

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