Best answer: Game Help on PS5 is a benefit for PlayStation Plus members that allows them to view hints and walkthroughs for certain objectives in some games. It’s unknown how many games will support this feature.

Debuting with the PS5, Game Help is set to be a new benefit for PlayStation Plus members. With Game Help, players will be able to view in-game objectives and hints on how to complete them. These hints appear to come in the form of photos and videos that give you tips on what to do. Because they are official game tips, you know you’re getting correct information and they won’t contain potential spoilers.

These hints can be expanded to the entire size of the screen, used in a picture-in-picture mode, or in a side-by-side mode so you can view them while playing. The picture-in-picture and side-by-side views can be moved around the screen.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to use Game…

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