Twitter strives to comply with applicable laws in India. They continue to be strictly guided by principles of transparency, a commitment to empowering every voice on the service, and protecting freedom of expression and privacy under the Indian law.

Under the new digital rules, social media companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter were asked to identify the author of a reported post within 36 hours and perform additional due diligence, including appointing a Compliance Officer, Node Contact Person and Resident Grievance Officer. While Facebook and Google said that they will comply with the rules, Twitter had asked for three months’ time and flagged its concerns around certain aspects of the new policy.

The court said that Twitter has to comply with the new Information Technology Rules for digital media if they have not been stayed. “Twitter needs to stop beating around the bush” and comply with the new rules since “Twitter is just a social media platform and it has no locus in dictating what should India’s legal policy framework should be,” the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in a letter said.

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