While we’re all waiting for the Pixel 4a launch, and salivating for any Pixel 5 rumors, a new report from The Information has given us a look into what’s been happening behind closed doors in Google’s Pixel team — and on the face of it, it’s not good. Mark Levoy, one of the biggest champions of Google’s camera efforts, and Mario Queiroz, general manager of Pixel, have both left the company in the last 6 months.

It’s completely understandable that there would be departures from the Pixel team, even at high positions — look, no matter how much some of us may love the Pixel lineup, it’s been a disaster in terms of sales. Pixels certainly receive an enhanced scrutiny considering they’re coming from Google, which is a massive company that makes Android, but even if you’re generous with your assessment it’s easy to find major flaws in each of the generations.

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