Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

A Chromebook is amazingly quick to set up, but there’s a difference between setting a laptop up and really settling in with it. I’ve been working full-time from a Chromebook for three years and after leapfrogging from review unit to review unit last year, I think I’ve gotten it down to a science. If your new Chromebook feels new and awkward and not as fun as you were expecting, let me help you make this your new computing home.

Adjust your scroll and function keys

This first tweak is going to sound a little weird, but bear with me for a minute. See, when you’re using a touchscreen and a touchpad on a Chromebook, it can be helpful for scrolling to work the same on both devices. Unfortunately, the default way of scrolling on laptops is inverted from using your finger to scroll on the trackpad.

We can solve this on Chromebooks by swapping the…

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