At this point, you’re probably tired of reading articles that remind you that you need to wash your hands. And while yes, it is incredibly important to rid your hands of germs to avoid getting sick and spreading bacteria to others, you also ought to pay attention to the things you own that need sanitizing, too. The CDC notes that high touch items and surfaces like keyboards, tablets, and your very own smartphone can be breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. In fact, your phone is so filthy that it can even be dirtier than a toilet.

Instead of just wiping your phone clean with disinfectant wipes, take it a step further by using something like the SaniCharge Phone UV Sanitizer.

Sanicharge is an all-in-one tool designed to eliminate germs breeding on your smartphone. It does away with heat and chemicals and uses intense UV-C light to safely kill any bacteria or viruses that…

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