Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

If you want to save money on your phone plan, there are more options than ever from new ways to save on the major carriers or going with an MVNO. MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) or alternative carriers, lease coverage from the larger networks and resell it for less.

That being said, depending on your usage and needs, a plan from one of the Big Four might be your least expensive option. Here we go.

Before choosing a plan

Before you choose a carrier and/or a wireless plan, it’s best to first determine your needs and usage habits. If this is your first smartphone, I’d like to first welcome you to the 21st Century and secondly encourage you to try out your options without getting yourself into any yearly or multi-year contracts.

If this ain’t your first rodeo, then reflect on your phone habits from the past. How much data have you actually

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