Pixar animated films are some of the best movies in the world, able to entertain kids and adults alike with their heartfelt stories and unforgettable characters. Films like Up, Toy Story, and more recent fare like Inside Out have only become more renowned as the years pass, and now with Disney+ available, the entire lineup of Pixar films is available to stream at a moment’s notice.

Disney is striving to make Disney+ the #1 place for families to stream content this year, and with recent releases to the service like Pixar’s Onward and Frozen 2, as well as upcoming movies like Artemis Fowl which is skipping theaters and going straight to Disney+ on June 12, they might just accomplish that. Additional content like Marvel movies, The Simpsons series, and National Geographic documentaries make the service tempting even for those without children at home, and luckily, the Disney+ 7-day…

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