The Pixel 4 is an important phone for the Android landscape. The 90Hz display, dual rear cameras, and wireless charging are all perfectly cool, but the thing that really makes it stand out is Google’s all-new face unlock system.

We’ve seen other Android phones offer face unlock in the past, but the Pixel 4 is the first one that’s secure enough to be useful beyond the lock screen — meaning you can use face unlock on the Pixel 4 to authorize purchases and log in to apps — such as mobile banking apps and password managers.

If you pick up your Pixel 4 and realize that face unlock doesn’t work with your favorite apps, however, you’re not doing anything wrong. Developers need to support Google’s BiometricPrompt API in order for it to work, and as of right now, these are all of the apps that currently support it.

Apps that currently work with the Pixel 4’s face unlock

Apps that have…

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