These sure are strange times we live in, aren’t they? Kids are home from school, a lot of non-essential businesses are closing down, and you’re likely working from home for the foreseeable future. Not only is it difficult to adjust to the ever-changing world around us, there’s also the challenge of finding a good groove for your work from home routine.

Working from your house/apartment takes a lot of getting used to, and part of finding the right balance requires you to have the correct gear. We’ve highlighted a lot of stuff already, including things like robot vacuums, Bluetooth keyboards, and more. Today, I want to highlight something else — true wireless earbuds. Specifically, the TOZO T6.

Firstly, why am I recommending true wireless earbuds in the first place? I’ve used a lot of different form factors for headphones/earbuds over the years, and without a doubt, I’ve found true…

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