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T-Mobile and Sprint are now one, at least on paper. You might have seen the news about it, along with T-Mobile CEO John Legere stepping down to do … something and former T-Mobile COO Mike Seivert will now lead the new company that looks and feels strangely like the two old companies — a thing that isn’t going to change very soon.

Of course, the victor gets to write history and T-Mobile announced the news complete with big bolded words like SUPERCHARGED! smattered about and the company pinky swears that this will be so good for everyone, including current customers of the two networks, err, now one network or the network formerly known as something or another. You know the drill: everything is good and will always be good right up until it is no longer good.

Dish Network will never have a network that competes with the likes of Verizon or AT&T. But now…

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