Google’s Pixel 4a is the company’s upcoming (and much leaked) budget phone for 2020. In typical Google hardware release fashion, we know pretty much everything about the phone before its official unveiling.

Now, to add to that already heaping pile of leaks, the Pixel’s camera has been reviewed by Cuban tech blog TecnoLike Plus in partnership with the folks over at XDA Developers.

Speaking on the full resolution photos, XDA comments:

The photos are characteristically Pixel-like in look. This means they have excellent detail, balanced noise reduction with visible luminance noise, adequate (but not best in class) dynamic range, and great color accuracy. Night Sight is just as good as ever—I feel these photos are better than the Galaxy S20+’s night mode photos in a few respects.
The Pixel 4a’s camera will continue to excel when it comes to having a balanced noise reduction system,…

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