I’ve been using the Galaxy S20 for just over a month now, and while I still agree with my review saying that it’s a great phone — it is — the pool of people I’d recommend one to has shrunk in the last four weeks. The S20 was the last phone that made it out the gate in February before Europe and the US began having to shut down and self-isolate.

Buying any big-ticket item during a pandemic is a struggle — even without the price gouging I’ve seen on laptops and Chromebooks the last few weeks — but if your phone breaks, that is a lifeline you’ll have to replace. It’s too important, especially when video chatting apps like Hangouts Meet, Duo and Zoom are the only way to see most of our family and friends. If your phone is old and slow — or you’re just prone to dropping and breaking your phone — there are only two phones you should really consider between now and whatever…

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