There isn’t a single discussion about the new OnePlus 8 that doesn’t include mention of its price. OnePlus has historically hung its hat on offering fantastic value for money, undercutting the competition’s prices by a wide margin yet delivering a flagship-like experience. In 2020, that margin is getting a whole lot smaller.

The OnePlus 8 now starts at $700, $100 more than the 6-month-old 7T — and OnePlus fans aren’t happy. We get it, OnePlus wants to have an “ultra premium” 8 Pro with no shortcuts or missing features, and that necessitates a higher price. It has considerable advantages in display, cameras and features. But what about the 8? Being less expensive, it’s inherently going to have shortcomings.

A $700 OnePlus 8 is a prime candidate for a Snapdragon 765 processor.

It seems like the main reason OnePlus chose the Snapdragon 865 is to make the OnePlus 8 seem like a…

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