The Nintendo Switch is freaking awesome. Pretty much anyone you ask will agree if they aren’t too busy playing Animal Crossing or Zelda. It’s portable but can connect to a television, has wireless controllers that mostly don’t suck, and every big name developer is tripping over its own feet trying to get games ported to the platform. Yes, it has Skyrim.

But under the small screen is the same type of hardware you would find inside a high-end Android device. In fact, if NVIDIA had chosen to remake the Shield Tablet, it probably would use the exact same hardware as the Switch. There is nothing magic inside, just an ARM CPU with a bunch of GPU cores built by NVIDIA just like the Shield TV.

The hardware in your expensive phone has the muscle to do it.

The difference, of course, is the software. The Switch has a basic but fairly complex OS running on it (or you can install Android on it…

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