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The original launch of The Last of Us was a refreshing departure for Naughty Dog. As much as we love Nathan Drake, seeing Uncharted’s level of polish, deep storytelling, and rich character development in an entirely different world is richly satisfying.

So naturally, we’re expecting big things out of The Last of Us sequel. The Last of Us II is on its way for the PlayStation 4, and if you haven’t kept up until now, then we’re here to get you up to speed.

Ellie is back

The Last of Us Part II

Returning for one last adventure

The Last of Us Part II is the continuation of the 2013 hit. This time the story follows the path of hate, vengeance, retribution, and how they change a person. Please be careful to avoid spoilers, because this is sure to be one hell of a ride.

What’s the story so far? Spoilers for part one ahead

As the name implies, this is a sequel to…

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