Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

I am currently wearing a Fossil Gen 5E on my wrist, and while it’s just okay, I’m longing for my Galaxy Watch Active. In fact, I’d be wearing the Watch Active right now, even though it’s two years older than the Fossil Gen 5e, but my dad’s Fitbit broke, so I’m letting him test drive it before we buy him something new.

Wear OS has the best notifications on your wrist, but that alone can’t help save it from the sluggishness of opening apps and updating Tiles. Wear OS needs major optimization and streamlining to help it just work better, and I’m firmly convinced Google will not do it alone. We know that OnePlus tried to make Wear OS work for the OnePlus Watch, but that eventually failed and OnePlus had to go it alone.

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Considering that the Google Hardware division is essentially cursed…

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