We’re expecting the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ to be announced by the end of August, just a few months away. And the rumors we have to work with are pointing to another year where the Galaxy Note does little to justify its existence, beyond simply having the tried-and-true S Pen stylus. Now I recognize that the S Pen, in itself, is a selling point for longtime Note fans. But it also seems clear at this point that Samsung isn’t really picking up any new Note fans, particularly since the Galaxy S line has expanded to sizes matching Notes.

Samsung’s last two generations of the Galaxy Note have frankly been snoozers. The Galaxy Note 9 introduced new wireless S Pen functions, but nothing fundamentally groundbreaking on the stylus front, and most importantly not substantially different from the Galaxy S9+. Then the Galaxy Note 10 series simply added more fringe wireless S Pen features,…

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