Fairphone has long been the go-to brand for anyone looking to buy an ethics-focused mobile, but as the handset relied on bog-standard Android 9, it was still pumping out your personal data to Google servers. Now the Fairphone 3 has switched to the e/OS/ system, so your personal data on the phone should (in theory) be ‘unGoogled.’

The new operating system on the phones is built on an open-source, privacy-first design, and will be available on the Fairphone 3 from May 6. As it uses Android OS at its core, a lot of general-use apps should be readily available on the phone.

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But because e/OS/ is founded on a super-private, anti-Google stance, a lot of other apps like Gmail and Maps will be absent on the phone.

Instead, you’ll have to rely on pre-installed,…

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