The last thing any sensible person should want to do is use beta software on their phone. Your phone is a treasure trove of personal information that should be kept safe by tried and true software, not a test version that has none of the guarantees that come from using software that’s been vetted, tested, and held back for more vetting and testing.

But a lot of people just don’t care and, like me, really want to see what Google has in store as soon as possible. To scratch that itch, there is the Android Beta Program and a Google Pixel phone.

I love the smell of beta software in the morning.

Sure, there will be other phones that participate in the Android 11 beta. We’ll see those announcements as we move into the “proper” consumer beta on June 3. But there is also a good chance you’ll need to jump through some sort of hoop or have to wait until an Android phone maker is ready to…

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