Now that Samsung and Apple have entered the item tracker market, more companies are set to follow suit. T-Mobile is the latest to launch its own device as part of its SyncUp line of connectivity devices. The SyncUp Tracker may not look as svelte as the best Bluetooth trackers, nor is it quite as affordable, but it offers some handy features that could make it a must-have for anyone prone to losing their items.

The key difference between T-Mobile’s SyncUp Tracker and many other devices like the Apple AirTag is that the SyncUp Tracker relies on a GPS and an LTE connection instead of Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband (UWB). Because of this, it doesn’t require the device to be near the smartphone to work. It also doesn’t need to rely on crowdsourced location data from other nearby smartphones like the newer Galaxy SmartTag+ does and can track items from miles away.

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