First-quarter earnings for T-Mobile have been released, which show that the company continues to grow as it adds more than 1.4 million subscribers to the network, including nearly 800,000 new post-paid customers. The company also managed a year-over-year increase in revenue of $19.8 billion, which was higher than analysts expected.

T-Mobile’s successful quarter was partly attributed to stimulus checks that were rolled out to many Americans last quarter, putting more money into the economy and allowing more people to spend money. It also credited the growth to the rollout of the Magenta Max 5G plan, which gives customers truly unlimited 5G data.

On the 5G front, T-Mobile continues to praise itself as the best 5G network thanks to Ultra Capacity 5G, which is built from Sprint’s mid-band spectrum. This allows T-Mobile’s 5G network to easily reach more users, as many as 140 million,…

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