Music streaming service Spotify has announced the purchase of Podz. Acquisition of Spotify Podcasting subscription announcement, This will allow the selected partner to charge for access to the content.

Spotify doesn’t plan to cut subscription revenue by 5% until 2023, but ultimately there is a direct financial incentive to encourage listeners to find and subscribe to as many podcasts as possible. In particular, this conflicts with the in-app subscription of Apple Podcasts.

Apple has said that it is going to allow the creators to decide how much they want to charge for their podcasts, whether they want to charge monthly or annually, and even if they want to keep it free. There is also a Freemium tier on Apple Podcasts where creators can keep some content free and charge for the rest.

Spotify plans to integrate Podz’s technology into the platform, and said some of the results should be visible by the end of the year.

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