Best answer: Most people should buy their OnePlus 8 unlocked. You get the most options in terms of the multiple color and storage choices, and you can deal directly with OnePlus for warranty, support and updates. The only reason to buy from a carrier is if you’re on Verizon, because that’s the only way you can get Verizon 5G.

  • Unlocked is best: OnePlus 8 ($700 at OnePlus)
  • For Verizon fans: OnePlus 8 ($800 at Verizon)

Should you buy your OnePlus 8 unlocked or from a carrier?

Here in the U.S., you have three options for buying the OnePlus 8: from OnePlus unlocked, from T-Mobile, or from Verizon. It should also be noted that you can only buy the higher-end OnePlus 8 Pro unlocked. No U.S. carriers will be selling it.

If you want to get Verizon 5G, you have to buy the phone from Verizon.

There’s one big reason you would want to buy the OnePlus 8 from a carrier: network compatibility….

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