WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services globally and is super convenient, but it does come with certain limitations. Now WhatsApp beta on Android hints at a feature that brings in the ability to swap the default quality of the video when you are sending it.

The latest beta version shows three options to pick from to decide the upload compression of the video you are sending – “Auto”, “Best quality”, and “Data saver”.

  • The “Auto” option comes “recommended” and possibly will just continue to send the videos as compressed files over slow data connections.
  • The “Data saver” option is perfect for people who want/need to send videos to others but do not want to eat up all of their monthly data in the process.
  • The “Best quality” option is something that we should look forward to. For now, the only way high-res videos get sent over WhatsApp is in the attached document format.

Now with these new options, particularly the “Best quality” one, are exciting and something many WhatsApp users will look forward to, there is no knowing when this is going to roll out in the stable version on WhatsApp.

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