Samsung has introduced a new feature that allows users to hide pictures during repairs as long as they are using the Galaxy S21 series model. The feature is said to come to Galaxy S21 phones first in South Korea.

  • The press release was translated and noted that users will eventually be able to turn on the feature through the Settings app.
  • In order to enable the feature, users will have to go to their Settings, then go to the Battery and Device Care section, and finally, enable the feature.
  • The person repairing the device will only be able to access the installed apps by default.
  • After enabling the feature, the phone will go directly into reboot directly into Repair Mode, meaning accounts, photos, and messages will remain hidden.

As of press time, there is still no confirmation as to whether Repair Mode will remain exclusive to South Korea or whether it will be available to other regions in the future.


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