Samsung has teamed up with BTS to produce a version of the Galaxy S20 for an audience of Samsung and KPop superfans alike. Dubbed the Galaxy S20+ BTS edition and the Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition, it’s precisely what it says on the tin. A version of Samsung’s already released flagship phone and wireless Buds+, but customized with BTS paraphernalia. You’ll find pre-installed themes, stickers in the box, and BTS photo card. The devices themselves are purple themed, with BTS’s iconic purple heart design driving the aesthetic.

Reviewing the Galaxy S20+, Android Central’s Daniel Bader noted:

The Galaxy S20+ is the best Galaxy S20 phone you can buy, which makes it the best phone you can buy right now. It’s not perfect, but it’s close. Aside from the minor quibbles I have with some aspects of the camera, and the not-great fingerprint sensor, I have nary a criticism of the experience so far,…

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