Almost two months after debuting at CES, Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 is out in stores now. Samsung tried to rein in the extravagance and the premium price tag from the original Galaxy Chromebook and instead gave us a mid-range Chromebook in a premium package in this second edition. While I think it might be the most visually striking Chromebook that we’ll see in 2021, I’m not entirely sure you should rush out to buy it on day one, and today’s reviews seem to agree with my initial assessment.

MrMobile, our colleague Michael Fisher, reviewed the Galaxy Chromebook 2 after almost two weeks of use. While he enjoyed much of what it had to offer, Samsung didn’t keep enough of its premium features to justify its premium price tag, especially when there are plenty of great Chromebooks out there with the same or better features for significantly less. Even with the preorder bonus and…

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