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Returnal is a new third-person roguelike shooter for the PlayStation 5 that’s part Metroidvania and part psychological horror wrapped in bullet-hell fueled action. It’s an intense, beautiful, and disturbing title, as well as a difficult one. Players play as Selene Vassos, who has found herself stranded on Atropos, a constantly shifting alien planet where death is a never-ending cycle.

Returnal is difficult, but with some of our help, you and Selene will be able to conquer the procedurally generated world of the game. Remember — death is not the end. Here’s are a few tips and tricks for Returnal.

Returnal tips and tricks Always keep moving

Returnal Lasers

Source: Android Central

This one is obvious, but it’s the most important. Don’t stop moving when you’re in combat. A moving target is always harder to hit than a stationary one. The action in…

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