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When the PS5 released late last year, it arrived with a couple of cross-gen releases, a very pretty remake of a 10-year-old game, and an adorable platformer tucked away in the system’s memory. But once the dust settled and the newness of the console started to fade, many wondered when the first real next-gen game would arrive for the system — the flagship title that would showcase what the PS5 is capable of. Not just from a technical standpoint, but in its gameplay, sound, story — the whole package.

Almost five months into the new year, it’s looking like we have to turn to Returnal for answers. This roguelike is the first major PS5 release of the year so there is a lot riding on its shoulders. Not only was it bound to set the standard for next-gen releases, but it had a lot to prove as a new IP amidst news of Sony’s focus on blockbusters and reluctance to…

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