Ever since the PS5 was released, many people — myself included — have praised the revolutionary technology behind the DualSense controller. Most PlayStation exclusives support haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to some degree, and third-party DualSense support is flourishing as well, but there wasn’t a big showcase for the tech aside from Astro’s Playroom. That’s changed now that Returnal has arrived on PS5. You’ve heard people calling this the first true next-gen game, and they’re not exaggerating. That’s exactly what it feels like, in no small part due to the PS5’s SSD and extraordinary controller.

All of this tech working in tandem creates a mesmerizing experience.

From the moment the game begins, you’re in the pilot seat of the space shuttle, and as it’s barreling through asteroids and suffering a major malfunction, you can feel everything. The rattle of the shuttle as…

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