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Resident Evil Village is now out, and with it comes one of the most terrifying and enjoyable games we’ve played in a long time. However, like any Resident Evil title and even some other horror games, it’s not the most straightforward. Sometimes, if you haven’t played a Resident Evil game before, some of its mechanics won’t make any sense. Other times, new features for longtime fans might not be well-explained. So while you might know how to figure out where to go, you might not know how to sell items at the new merchant, run by the Duke. You’ll especially want to read our tips if you’re new to the series. If you are an old-timer, why not check it out anyway and see if there’s something you missed.

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1. Run during the first Lycan fight

Resident Evil Village Lycan Fight

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When you first get to the village, you’ll be…

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